Pyper can find the soul in every piece of metal she rescues. She tenderly preserves its beauty and when you wear her jewelry, you feel a part of something special. It has a story, and I love that!

Dani C.


I received the necklace I purchased and opened it and couldn't be happier.  Thank you so much.  The desire to prematurely give the gift is killing me, but hopefully I can wait.  I love your work and look forward to hopefully purchasing more.  Thanks again for the  wonderful necklace and the swift shipping.

Eric S.


I love the earrings you made for me.  Obviously you're a listener (and those are rare!).  Blessings on you and your Mojo.

Cia M.


From the first moment I saw Pyper's creations I was compelled to buy something...each creation is filled with a sense of style, renewal, creativity, and love. I'm a guy and I just had to buy something...and so I have been giving my sister You Got Mojo for holidays and almost every birthday! All because we stumbled on YGM at an art show! Thank goodness she started making her smaller pendants so that I get to buy something for myself!! 




I just love your work so much.  It's really, really wonderful.  I love the finishes, they are so beautifully finished but not over done.  You've really maintained the raw feeling of the material, they're playful and wow, they're just great!  One of the coolest collections I've seen in a long time.



Just wanted to thank you once again--the rings arrived, and they're absolutely gorgeous. Just what we were hoping for!  (Though Keith jokes that he drove an old Ford pickup for so long, the Chevy might take some getting used to on his finger.)  :)

We're so grateful to you for working with us, and we'll definitely keep you in mind in the future and spread the word about your beautiful work.

Warm wishes,



I was fortunate to stumble across Mojo Jewelry by chance last year. I was on a mission to find something very special for a young friend who was opening up her business in Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia. Her business named Mojo Health and Fitness, curiously. To my delight I came across Mojo Jewelry. To the delight of my dear friend I gave her a magnificent pair of earrings. To this day she wears them proudly and explains the journey the metal has been on to get to her. Uniquely I feel the purchases I have since made and have had shipped to Australia would be the only ones in the country. 

I love your work at Mojo Jewelry.

Regards Bronwyn.


Thanks Pyper...You are wonderful!  Keep creating beauty in Montana!

Emily D.


Thank you for the amazing necklace.  Your creations are so unique. 

S. DeCarlo


You Got Mojo Jewelry is aesthetically stunning. The simple forms, vibrant chromatic compositions, and forgotten materials, create jewelry with character. 

I wear a piece of their jewelry every day! Besides intriguing designs, the unaltered metals used to create their jewelry are especially unique. The textures, imperfections, environmental effects, and original paint of the metals, tell a story the metal has lived.  

While I love being able to buy pieces in person, I am happy to have the option to purchase directly through their website which is current and well stocked at all times. 

Functional, Collectible, Striking Art!